Location & Ground Rules

The Cricket Ground is within the famous Sheffield Park Garden, Sheffield Park, East Sussex TN22 3QX Telephone: 01825 790231.

It lies midway between East Grinstead and Lewes, 5 miles north west of Uckfield, on the east side of the A275 (between A272 and A22).

At the main entrance to the Garden, follow the road past the National Trust shop until you come to a five-bar gate. Go through the gate until you come to a second gate at the foot of the lake. There are signs from the main entrance to guide you to the cricket.

Once through the bottom gate, follow the track around to the left and you will see the signs marked “Car Park”. Please park within the signs; you should not park beyond the final sign stating that parking is not allowed beyond that point. You will see the ground (and the pavilion) through the trees from the car park. The ground is surrounded by a deer fence but the gate through it will be unlocked.

There are one or two points that we would please ask you to note.

  1. The ground is within the confines of the National Trust Garden
  2. If gates are closed as you pass through them, could you please ensure that you close them again after you have passed through.
  3. Please park only in the car parking area; parking on the ground itself is not permitted. You may however drive up to the pavilion for the purpose only of dropping off/collecting equipment or disabled persons but the gate through the deer fence must be closed after passing through.
  4. Please remember that there will be members of the public visiting the garden and the farmland on the right of the road leading down to the ground; in particular, there is a 10 mph speed limit on all the roadways leading down to the ground. We would ask you to observe it.
  5. Dogs are only allowed within the Garden on a fixed lead after 2pm but, by concession, are allowed around the pavilion area on a fixed lead during the hours of cricket.
  6. We are required to draw your attention to the fact that there are a couple of oak trees in the south-west corner of the ground which are not considered safe. We would therefore ask that you avoid walking or sitting beneath them.